And I don’t mean “Way To Go”.

I am feeling so old right now.

I saw a commercial that just made me go – ewwwwww.

Have you seen this? 

It’s for Always sanitary pads and it’s called “What the gush.”

All about how you can’t plan for those “gush” moments but Always will protect you.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I so don’t want to hear about this. 

I’m not embarrassed or offended. 

I guess I’m just too old to have gush moments discussed during my favorite TV show.

First, is it necessary?  Once you have your period, you know all about the gush moments.  And my recollection is the last thing you want to do is discuss them – with anyone. 

I know, I know.  It’s all natural and all that shit. 

And I really feel like I’m just a fat OLD lady who is not cool enough to celebrate gush moments as a right of female passage.


TMI – and that’s saying something because, if you’ve met me, you KNOW I am all about the TMI.

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