I just finished this Netflix original (British) series (Season 1 – and I hope there’s a Season 2), The Stranger (on Netflix).

The basis of the plot is a young woman, nobody knows, goes up to people and tells them a deep dark secret (and provides proof of the truth of what she’s said).  Sometimes, it is a secret the person she is telling will want to keep secret; sometimes, it’s someone else’s secret that affects the life of the person she is telling.  She claims that secrets need to be exposed – but just in case you think she is on some altruistic mission – she often is blackmailing the person. 

Because of this woman a whole string of events unfurls in an English town. 

The plot is amazingly twisty and it certainly kept me guessing throughout; and at the end of the series all these tangled loose threads somehow come together into one cohesive story, that left me just saying, “Wow. Well done.”

Okay, and now I’m going to provide a bit of a spoiler so if you are going to watch this series and don’t want to hear anything more – stop reading and go away.

Are you gone yet? 

Because here it is …

Jennifer Saunders is in this show.  I know, right?  Last person I expected to see in a great little procedural criminal mystery show.  But there she is!  And she’s wonderful.

And then they kill her off!


How can you kill off Jennifer fucking Saunders? 

You can’t do that!  Right?  You don’t just kill off Jennifer Saunders!

But they did.

I’m still not happy about it, which makes it even harder to accept what a wonderful show this is; because I am positive it would be even more wonderful without a dead Jennifer Saunders.

Did you know Jennifer Saunders does not allow her grandchildren to call her grandma, or granny, or nanna, or any of the other cutesy derivatives.  When asked what they could call her, Ms. Saunders replied, “Jam Pot.  They can call me Jam Pot.”

You don’t kill off someone as brilliant as that.  You just don’t.

But, as much as it pains me to admit it, it’s still a great show.

(But they shouldn’t have killed off Jam Pot.  I’m just saying.)

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