Several small studies have linked cinnamon to better blood sugar levels; other studies have shown cinnamon does not lower blood sugar.  So maybe yes, maybe no.  I’m guessing it comes down to individual response.

And like many herbal “remedies”, you should check with your doctor before taking large doses of cinnamon as it can have negative interactions with prescribed drugs. 

Having said that, all I can say is that cinnamon seems to have a beneficial effect on my morning spike when I take 2 cinnamon capsules before bed. 

But there is another risk that the article I read on failed to mention.

Cinnamon burps.

Holy Fuck.

I am eternally grateful that I seldom get a cinnamon burp (I’d be even more grateful if I never got cinnamon burps, but apparently that’s not an option). 

I can only compare it to having a flame thrower blast up your throat and through your sinuses and out your nose – leaving behind a seared wasteland of what was once your delicate mucus membrane.

Your eyes will burn – from the inside, as the fumes rise up from deep within your sinuses. 

It’s like what a big Taco Bell meal does to your intestines.

And I don’t know what you can do to soothe your cinnamon blasted throat, nose and sinuses.  It’s not acidy per se – it’s not like acid reflux – so I don’t think snorting Tums would help (although I have been tempted).  I don’t own a neti pot – so I can’t run several gallons of ice water through my nose in hopes of putting out the fire (or at least lulling it into a pile of glowing embers). 

I always take my cinnamon with several large swallows of water; to make sure the tablets get all the way down to my stomach – because I’m not sure what causes cinnamon burps. 

I worry that if the capsules don’t make it to my stomach, they’ll simply erupt where they are and my body will send up a burp to try to dislodge the offending capsules or (even worse) their cinnamon contents.

And I try to be very careful not to swallow any air at the same time. 

Because we all know swallowing air can cause burps of all kinds.  So I know to be careful when my stomach is locked and loaded with a couple cinnamon capsules brewing.

Okay – OMG – I just Googled cinnamon burps and found an article on Cinnamon and Belching – a phase IV clinical study of FDA data!

See!  I’m not crazy!  The threat is real.

Also, you gotta love the internet, you can find fucking anything on it!

Turns out 100% of the people who suffer from cinnamon belches (to use the medical terminology) are women!  Men do not belch up their cinnamon!  Why not?  Does it have something to do with testicles?  Does testosterone render men cinnamon burp-proof?  Inquiring minds want to know. And 75% of the belchers are over 60 years of age.

Well – ta-dah!  Here I am.  Prime material for cinnamon belching.

But, I can’t believe this, there is no mention of just how painful and unpleasant a cinnamon belch can be!!!


What kind of crappy study is this? 

Apparently, it’s ongoing (hence the Phase IV status); and they’re looking for volunteers. 

Maybe I should just submit this blog post to help them out!

Because I’m just real thoughtful that way.


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