Every time some ass hat gets caught doing something horrible and is called out publicly on it, the first thing they say is “But that’s not who I am.”


Yes, that is who you are and we have the video to prove it.

How many purely crappy, fucked up shit, did you do before you were actually caught? 

Didn’t your mom ever tell you, you’ll only make things worse if you lie about it?

Own it.  And then FIX IT.

It is unlikely that you will start to do better until you recognize and acknowledge what you’ve actually been doing; at least not in any meaningful way.  How can you fix a problem without knowing there is a problem? 

And the first thing people started saying after the total shit show of January 6, 2021 is – That’s not who we are [as Americans]. 


It may not be who you are as an individual.  (I sure as shit hope it’s not who I am as an individual.)

But it is who we have become as a nation; and there is a whole lot of history backing up the fact that this, indeed, is who we are. 

And until we admit it and own it, we’re not going to be able to even begin to make it better. 

There is so much about this country that is amazing and great; but there is a whole lot that is truly and deeply fucked up too. 

So take a long hard look at January 6, 2021 and recognize that this is part of who the United States of America is. 

Think long and hard about how we got here; and then think about what you can do (no matter how small) to make us better. 

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