When I was a kid the last week of the year was always one of my favorites. 

I had all my new stuff from Christmas to play with; no school for a week; and my folks still went to work – leaving my sister and I to enjoy the house without parental supervision.  Ahhhhh.  (And because I always got my homework done as quickly as possible – there was nothing hanging over my head with a back-to-school deadline.)

Once you leave school, this becomes the most useless week of the year.  Nothing much is happening.  Especially this year. 

I heard Doug Benson refer to this week as taint week. 

From here on, that will be my official name for this last sad week of the year. 

Taint week. 

(And in case you are confused, I am referring to the word taint in its slang usage: referring to the part of the anatomy called the perineum in polite company – and God (TIDBI) knows, if you are hanging with me, you are NOT in polite company.)

I hate this week. 

It’s the week when everything seems to be on hold.

And God (TIDBI) knows, nobody wants to be holding on to 2020.

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