I don’t know why we now have these designated days like “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday” and now “Giving Tuesday. 

But I did use Giving Tuesday to remind myself of the theater groups that are struggling to hang on until the end of the pandemic. 

Many of them have come up with very clever ways to utilize modern technology in order to offer content – like classes and panel discussions; and even online readings and performances. 

Some of the offerings are for free and some are not.

I certainly don’t begrudge theater for trying to make a buck at any time, much less during the current mess we’re in. 

And I appreciate the lengths they are going to in order to keep people safe – and entertained. 

The main benefits of Giving Tuesday, imho, are that sometimes, the group(s) are able to do matching funds – thus increasing the benefit of your gift without having to increase the actual gift (win-win); and it helps to remind us of the organizations and the people who have worked so hard to create spaces where performers can perform and audiences can be entertained and musicians can – um – music?  You get the idea. 

I know there are many, many, MANY worthy charities out there asking for your money.  And if you are able to send a little of your hard earned money their way, I just want to remind you that your local theater is also a worthy charity. 

If we want these organizations to be around when things get back to whatever future “normal” is going to be, we need to help them get through these difficult times now.

And just so you know, you can give your gift any time NOT just some arbitrary Tuesday.

Varying definitions of “soon” may apply!

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