I am still putting up Christmas ornaments. 

The tree went up on Sunday.

The last of the lights went on Tuesday.

I expect I could still be putting on ornaments well into 2021; unless I exercise some self-restraint (not something I’m known for).

I have sooooooooo many ornaments.

And I love my ornaments.

My Christmas tree is a trip down Memory Lane.

I have some of my Grandmother Harris’ ornaments.

I have some of the first ornaments I bought in California at the drug store at the corner of Hollywood and Vine for my first California Christmas tree.

I have ornaments that my mother made for me.

I have ornaments that are gifts from friends and family; and some of those friends are no longer here (including my mother).

But I remember them all – especially as I hang up “their” ornament.

I have missed having a Christmas tree. 

Not just because it’s so shiny and sparkly (although, I admittedly love shiny and sparkly); but because it reminds me of so many special people and special places of my life. 

My Christmas tree is the story In My Life

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