First, congrats to yours truly for having a blog idea and actually starting the post before said idea disappeared in the echoing empty halls of my fat old lady brain.  (See, I do know better.)

Second, I am so pleased that I have FINALLY mastered the art of making crescent dogs.

You know, that delectable food consisting of hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in crescent roll dough?

This particular entree is one that I have always thought was the height of haute cuisine – at least by Michigan standards; and I am a Michigan girl, through and through.

I always wanted to try them.

Goodness knows, my mother never attempted making them. (And given my mother’s culinary track record, this is probably for the best.)

And I have never been able to successfully make crescent dogs.

They were either burned or the dough was raw.

But I persevered and I DID IT!

The secret to this, and, as far as I can tell, all recipes calling for that most finicky of ingredients,  crescent roll dough is baking parchment paper. 


Line that cookie sheet with parchment paper and you no longer have to eat crescent roll dishes that are replete with dough that is either raw or reduced to charcoal (which may be good for your teeth, but is definitely not delicious).

I still need to master how to actually roll up the hot dog in the crescent roll, but I blame this problem on the fact I got great big honking kosher dogs – instead of normal sized hot dogs.  Lesson learned.

And not that this is a meal that will be on our regular dinner rotation.  It’s a meal that is meant for children. 

We are not children; but admittedly, sometimes our taste buds (or at least mine) lean to the childish; and I am nothing if not self-indulgent. 

So now I know how to make crescent dogs and now you know too!

Note – the photo below is posed by professional food. They may look better than my crescent dogs, but they are not as good, because those in the photograph are clearly made, per the recipe, with American cheese, and I made half with Cheddar cheese and half with Swiss cheese, for a new taste sensation!

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