I like having a routine.

Actually, I love having a routine.

It is definitely not a good thing when something fucks with my routine.

Like an election.

No, I’m not talking about the politics – that’s a whole other blog post and I don’t do political blog posts because I don’t need anybody handing my ass to me because of their political views.  Your political views are between you and whatever deity you choose to acknowledge

I’m talking about election results dribbling in and stressing me out to the point where I am unable to function; and thus, just fucked my whole schedule last week.

But that was last week, right?

So why is my schedule fucked up again this week?

It’s Wednesday.  I do the grocery shopping on Wednesday.

That is what Wednesday is for (that and posting my WTF Wednesday blog).

So why did I sleep in until 10:30 a.m. making it impossible for me to go shopping and be back and ready to work at 1:00 p.m.  (Remembering that it takes time to get this fat old lady pulled together sufficiently to be fit for public consumption.)

While I went to bed late – it wasn’t late for me, and unlike the past week, I went to sleep, instead of laying there reading for too long. 

I admit.  I slept great.  It was wonderful.

Except for the part where I woke up too late to do the grocery shopping and thus my weekly schedule is once again fucked.

Tomorrow is Thursday.  Thursday is for laundry – not shopping. 

I could do both, but then I’ll be soooooooooo tired.

Or I can do what I did last week and do the shopping on Friday.  But Friday is for relaxing and getting ready to enjoy the weekend. 

Shit. Shit. Shit.

So I guess I’ll see when I wake up tomorrow (which means how long after my alarm goes off do I actually get my fat old lady butt out of bed and face the day).  And then decide if it’s worth trying to do laundry and the grocery shopping jut to get back on schedule. 

Have I mentioned, I hate making decisions? 

That’s why I have a schedule. 

To keep the decision making down to a minimum.


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