First, I really, really hate when someone suggest you should give 110%, or anything above 100%. 

All that means is you don’t understand math and percentages. 

An actor’s aim should be to give 100% – that’s everything.

If you give 100%, there is nothing left to give. 

If you tell me that you are giving or you want me to give more than 100%, I’m going to think you are either dumb or lying.

But 100% of what?

Of your talent, your energy, your focus, your attention, your ability … of everything you bring to your performance.

Another thing, you may have to parse that 100%. 

That 100% has to last through the entire performance.

You have to get through however many performances you are doing.

This is why I don’t fuck around a lot backstage.  This is why I sit in a corner until I have to get onstage.  This is why I don’t do the energy ring before the show.

I am a fat OLD lady.

I have however much energy I have.  That energy is for the show and the audience. 

I recognize that sweet young things have more energy than I do.  People who don’t suffer from chronic depression have more energy than I do.  And some people are just naturally perky (bless their hearts) and have more energy than I do.

That’s great.

But that’s not me.

So you have to gauge how much energy you, personally, have and use it accordingly.

And, please, don’t try to suck up anybody else’s energy.

Like mine. I’m not a bitch (well, okay, I AM a bitch), I just don’t have the energy to spare.

And then give it your all – which is 100% – that’s everything. 

No matter what you want to call it.

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