I didn’t have any new studies or articles or blogs to base my Fat Friday post on, so I did a search “Fat News”.

I figured, why not?  I might get lucky.

And I did!

This is an old story (dates back to August 30, 2017), but it’s a winner.

Little girl’s response to someone calling her fat is the best

A 5-year old girl, Cambelle, is told by a teammate at sports practice that she is fat.

You know what the kid told her teammate?

“I told her that I’m not fat, I HAVE fat.  And that everybody has fat.  And I told her it’s okay to have fat.”

Holy crap.

This is something the child learned from her Mom (a fat woman); because this fat Mom knew some day, somewhere, this child would be exposed to fat shaming.

Well done Mom.

Mom could have taught her child to push back with anger or fear, but instead she gave her child knowledge.

Not only did this little girl stand up for herself, she educated another child.  (The other child responded “Oh, okay.”  This little girl planted a seed of acceptance and tolerance in the mind of her teammate.  And hopefully, the teammate, if exposed to more fat shaming, will remember what she learned that day from 5-year old Cambelle.

Sometimes, when facing fat shaming, we want to lash out; but sometimes, that is not the best or most appropriate response.  This is a good example of how to respond to a comment that might necessarily been meant to hurt, but which still requires response.

I hope we can add this message to the arsenal of how to deal with fat shaming.

Anyhow, it just seemed nice to have a story with a happy ending to tell.


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