I told (warned) you I was going to talk (write) about that raspberry cake recipe if it turned out well … so here it is.

It turned out well.

With a caveat.

The recipe calls for sweetened frozen raspberries.

Well, in this health-conscious age, you can’t get sweetened frozen raspberries – at least not in my supermarket, because, you know – California.

I decided to use the unsweetened frozen raspberries – as is.

I could have added sugar, but I figured it’s going into cake batter and the other part is being mixed into Cool Whip – surely there is already enough sugar there.


Turns out, not really.

When I make this again (and I think I will because overall it’s very tasty), I will probably add some confectioners’ sugar into the raspberries.  I need to add sweetness, but I don’t need to add a lot of extra powder or granules.  I guess I could use corn syrup, but I don’t want to add the extra fluid.  So confectioners’ sugar seems the best answer – more sweet for the ounce.

Anyhow, without the added sugar, it was tart – especially the frosting.

Very fucking tart.

So tart that at first, I didn’t think I liked it much.

But here’s the thing, yesterday I had a piece.  It has been sitting in the refrigerator for three days.

And it was better – even (dare I say) good.

The flavors have started to blend better.

So you have two choices if you make this – let it sit for three days or add some confectioners’ sugar.  Your choice.

1 box white cake mix

3 oz package raspberry Jello

4 large eggs

½ C canola oil

¼ C hot water

10 oz frozen sweetened raspberries, thawed and undrained


12 oz Cool Whip, thawed

10 oz frozen sweetened raspberries, thawed and undrained

Preheat 350 º, grease 13×9 pan

In a large bowl, combine the cake mix, Jello, eggs, oil and water; beat on low speed for 30 seconds.  Beat on medium for 2 minutes.  Stir in raspberries.

Pour into baking pan.  Bake 35-40 minutes or until toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool.

For frosting, in large bowl, fold Cool Whip into raspberries.  Spread over cake.  Refrigerate 2 hours before serving.

raspberry cake

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