This past Sunday, I watched Looking Over the President’s Shoulder presented by Tabard Theatre.

How lovely to get to watch live theater!

Tabard, through a grant, has been able to obtain the tech equipment so it can now livestream performances!

Other theater groups are using technology to reach out to the community, and this was a great example of a creative way to keep performing through the months (and months) of pandemic chaos.

Because it was livestream, you get to enjoy live theater – with all it’s unique moments that make the experience special.

And this was a perfect show for Tabard to debut it’s technology and ability to bring this service to the offerings Tabard has for the community and general public.

The show is a one-man tour-de-force, featuring the multi-talented James Creer under the skillful direction of Doug Baird.  It was ready to go because the show had one performance back in March before being shut down by the pandemic.  Only having to follow one performer, of course, made it easier on the people behind the multiple cameras – but it is easy to see that this can be used for multiple-performer presentations.

So not only was Tabard able to provide the community with an excellent show – once again showing the high standards Tabard always trys to deliver – Tabard also created a great advertisement for itself!

So congratulations, James Creer, Doug Baird – and everyone else involved in this production.

And congratulations to Tabard on a great roll-out of its new service and equipment!


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