I do better with routine.

It helps control my depression, stress levels, and anxiety.

And all of three of those are at DEFCON 2 lately.

(You do know that DEFCON goes from 5 to 1, with 1 being the most severe, right?  Well, if you didn’t know, now you know.)

That is why it’s important for me to do my blogging every weekday, whether or not I have something to say (and lately, as you probably can tell, I haven’t had a lot to say).

I never used to make the bed – it never made a lot of sense to me – you were just going to mess it up again.

But I added making the bed every morning to my routine.

I don’t do a bounce-a-quarter-off the bed kind of making it.

Hell, most of the time, I am trying to make up the bed around a sleeping cat or two (which God (that I don’t believe in) forbid) I should disturb).

But I make it.

I also do not bother tucking in the corners of the sheets.

I don’t do this because (a) our mattress is super heavy; (b) there is not really enough room for my fat old lady fingers to get under the mattress because of our bedstead; and (c) I don’t like sleeping with tucked in bedding.

I don’t like sleeping with tucked in bedding because I hate how it scrunches your toes if you sleep on your back – which I often do.

Also, if it is chilly enough, I tend to wrap the sheet and blanket around my feet.

I like cozy feet while I sleep.  (Which is why I also wear socks to bed, no matter the weather.)

Nope.  Tucked in bedding is not going to work for me.

When I was a kid (and really, if I’m honest, until long after I ceased to be a kid) I was barefoot as much as possible.

I had callouses of steel.

I really only started wearing shoes on the reg since I found I needed lots of arch support to help with my back pain.

(The joys of getting older – okay – getting old, I got OLD!)

So at night, it’s the one time I can let my tootsies run free, and nothing is going to stop me from enjoying that little bit of personal joy.

Certainly not something as mundane as tucked in sheets.

When we stay in a hotel or something, first thing I get into bed, I’m pulling those tucked corners loose.

You are not denying me my foot freedom!

Wiggling toes are a goodness.



  1. When I was a boy, my mother required us boys to clean our room and make our beds. Of course, our “bed-making” standards differed.

    Mom always tucked the sheets under the covers like a military drill sergeant and us boys simply didn’t qualify for the level of standards required in the household.

    Consequently, mom would go into our rooms and remake our beds because we sucked at it.

    I never gave it much thought but I think I enjoyed the ‘tucked-in’ style as a boy because it was easier to make the bed in the morning as long as we didn’t tear into the sheets horsing around as kids.

    Today is different matter. Tucking in the sheets under the mattress causes my feet to be push down uncomfortably and since I sleep on my back like a Hispanic Dracula, that’s a ‘no-go.’

    Consequently, I no longer tuck in the sheets under the mattress and still make my bed in the morning to the levels my drill sergeant mother would approve 😉

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