For a very long time we did not have Dunkin Donuts in our city.

But a year or so ago, we finally got one.

My husband is very familiar with Dunkin because he grew up in New Jersey; I am a little familiar from my summer in New Jersey taking care of my husband’s sister.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t that impressed; but they are definitely okay.

We waited until the initial thrill died down and tried the local Dunkin and it’s good.

And since they replaced our beloved Arby’s (fuck you – don’t judge) – they even have drive through!  Something I prefer in these COVID fraught days.

So, now that our Sunday morning breakfasts at our favorite diner have been curtailed for the foreseeable future, I keep looking for Sunday morning breakfast options.

We would order out from City Diner – but they changed their hours so they don’t open until 10 a.m.  A little (okay, a lot) too late for us old farts to wait for Sunday breakfast.

(Mind you, I would probably have no problem sleeping in that late every morning, but my husband is an early riser.)

Plus, these days, every couple of weeks I have a Zoom meeting date with my sisters and my niece (who sets up these meetings for us old farts) Sundays at 10 a.m.

Most weeks, I pick up something frozen.  (I do my homemade breakfast sandwich Saturday mornings, and that’s about all the morning cooking I can stand in one week.)

But this week, I forgot to get something.  And it was a Zoom call Sunday.

So I suggested we get Dunkin Donuts.

Last night, I signed up online and then downloaded the app.

(My phone is getting really full of fast food apps.  Again, fuck you, don’t judge.)

This morning, all showered and awake, I signed into the app and placed our order – and Dunkin said it would be ready when I got there!

And it was.

Also there was a huge line of cars waiting to get breakfast.

Holy crap!

Why is Dunkin suddenly the place to get breakfast?

Have these people never heard of the McGriddle?

I thought the new-kid-in-town shine had worn off this place.

But the cars were lined right out of the parking lot and into the street!

I will say this for Dunkin, they know how to get people through their lines.

Huge line, and 10 minutes later I was handed our food!

Way to go Dunkin.

We got sandwiches, hash browns and donuts!

There is an option where you tell them to surprise you with the kind of donuts you get.

Why not?

As far as I know, there is no such thing as a bad donut.

So I’m liking Dunkin Donuts pretty well right now.

And I made my sisters jealous by chomping down on donuts on Zoom!

Talk about win-win.


I know just how you feel, kid.

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