I’ve written about this before, but I think it bears repeating from time to time.

One of the banes of being fat is trying to find out what fucking size you wear.

The best advice I can give you is – take your measurements (or even better have someone else do it for you) – write them down – and SAVE them.

Before you buy any item of clothing – check the size guide and look at the measurements.

Don’t go by however many Xs they have before that L.

It really doesn’t tell you shit.

Depending on who is selling an item an XL – could be a size 8!

Which means a 4XL would be a size 14!

Especially those cute outfits you see on FaceBook that proclaim they have plus sizes – look out dearie.  Those plus sizes tend to not be very plus at all.

Yes, non-fat people, this is the kind of stuff us fatties get to deal with.

If you know the company you are buying from, it still doesn’t hurt to check the size guide, but if you know a Torrid 6X fits you – then you are mostly safe.

EXCEPT a Torrid 6X, according to Torrid, is equal to a Size 30 – I am not a size 30, but the Torrid 6X fits me great.

So it’s still a mystery.

Of course, you could always buy from Eshatki – they offer standard sizes AND they will custom sew your clothes to order – you just provide the measurements.  It costs extra, but if you are a non-standard size, it means you can get really cute clothes that actually fit.

I usually have had great success with Eshatki – but I will say, I have heard of people who have received orders where the sizes vary from item to item.  So perhaps their quality control isn’t all that one might hope for.

So, like I said, take those measurements and don’t buy anything unless you either can try it on or you can check the measurements on a size guide.

Because there are some surprises you’re not going to like.


What you thought you were ordering vs. what you got!



  1. Yes, & a very timely post. I make the mistake of ordering a bra from an ad I saw on Facebook. Never again! Not only did it take several weeks to get here, but the sizing was very deceptive & just plain WRONG. It is one of those bras you pull on over your head, the only kind of bra I have worn for years & I thought I was prepared because I have bought them from Just My Size & I know that, despite being a size 20-22 & wearing a 44D in regular bras, I have to get the biggest size JMS makes in these ‘comfort’ bras, which means that no one larger than I can wear this style. Well, I ordered the largest size offered, CALLED a 5X. I could not get it on; it hung around my neck as if it wanted to be a face mask. I have learned my lesson (& I no longer wear a bra most days anyway). Unfortunately, I had to pay to learn it. As you say, with some of these people, especially the one in Asia (I didn’t know, but found out the bra was mailed from Hong Kong) run VERY small. I have seen & not been taken in by the ads for wonderful very stretchy jeans that fit ‘everyone’. According to their chart, ‘everyone’ goes up to about a size 14. Sorry, kids, but MOST of us are bigger than size 14.

  2. You and me both – I bought a strapless bra kind of thing from FaceBook – it took months to get here and not even close to fitting. AND I checked the measurements – I thought it would be a close thing – but it’s a bra – it’s stretchy. Well this thing only stretches about halfway around me! Live and learn.

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