Long time readers may remember when I spent several months in New Jersey dealing with the hospitalization of my sister-in-law.  During that time, my go-to meal was a big ass bowl of Lucky Charms cereal.  I mean I ate a bunch-a-bunch of that stuff. 

I know I blogged about the effect of eating a butt load of Lucky Charms had on me – it turned my poop bright (I mean bright) green!  I had Leprechaun poop!  Seriously.

I attributed it to the inordinate amount of Lucky Charms I was ingesting; and it didn’t happen right away – only after I had been eating it for a few days in a row – so I figured the effect was cumulative.

Fast forward. 

It’s years later.  I have a recipe to make marshmallow/cereal treats (a la Rice Krispy Treats) only using Lucky Charms.  Sounds delicious (even magically so, I might say). 

So I make them.  And I was right, they were so good (and added bonus, for some reason, they had little to no effect on my blood glucose levels!); and, I might add, no green poops!

But I still had cereal left over in the box. 

Not really my husband’s kind of cereal, so what the hell.  For the next two days, I had Lucky Charms for breakfast.

And for those two days, I also had bright green poops! 

Seriously.  Lucky Charms for breakfast, green poop by lunchtime (and for the rest of the day).

The treats I made (and ate) didn’t turn my poop green. 

Is it the milk?  The effect was immediate, so has my body become hyper-sensitized to Lucky Charms or has Lucky Charms upgraded its green-poopiness abilities?

One of the great mysteries of life (or at least, this fat old lady’s life). 

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