Are you familiar with the phrase, “I’ve got a hitch in my get-along?”

If not, it could be because your either too young or didn’t grow up in the Midwest – or maybe both.

The phrase means:

When a person is hobbled or slowed in some way by an obstacle or other impediment

In my experience the obstacle or other impediment is age.

Ah, age.

When time and gravity are in cahoots to beat the living crap out of you every day.

I have used the phrase “hitch-in-my-get-along” often; and as time keeps marching on (right across many sensitive parts of my anatomy), I use it more and more.

Alarmingly so.

For me, I think I have identified how “hitch in my get-along” works for me.

When I have been sitting too long, or standing over the stove or sink too long, or doing anything too long, and I walk somewhere, I tend to find myself stooped over – because my back is hurting.

As I become more aware of how I am stooped over, my fat old lady ass attempts to catch up with my shoulders – and within a few steps, my fat old lady ass does catch up and I find myself walking fully upright.  The stoop is gone.

WTF is that all about?

My theory is that I literally have a hitch in my get-along and it takes a few steps for my get-along to catch up with the rest of me.

Now I’m wondering, why is my get-along so much slower than the rest of me?

What exactly did I do to wear out my get-along quicker than the rest of me?

Getting old is just one big WTF after another, isn’t it?


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