My Grandma (Harris) and I clocked a lot of hours together watching TV.

Between us just spending time over there, to the time when we were living there after my Mom’s divorce, back to just spending time there, to me living with her for a few years before I moved to California – there was a lot of TV watching going on.

Early days, we loved watching wrestling (we were big fans of Leaping Larry Chene).


We loved our music and watched the Diana Shore Show (See the USA in your Chevrolet), The Perry Como Show (I still love his smooth tones), and the Polka Hour.  Sometimes we’d pick up the Porter Wagoner Show too – with busty baby Dolly selling Duz Detergent that always came with a “prize” in the box – glassware or dishware, and sometimes selling Breeze Detergent – that always had a dishtowel or face cloth in each box.


And don’t forget Lawrence Welk!  (Like we ever could!)

She’d watch Mr. Ed and My Favorite Martian with me, but I don’t think they were faves.

She liked the Westerns better – Maverick and Wagon Train.

We liked the Andy Griffith Show, Hazel, My Three Son, Ozzie and Harriet, The Flintstones, Car 54 Where Are You?, and the list goes on and on.

Later on, we traded wrestling for roller derby!

So much fun to watch.  Those women knew how to put on a show!

My favorite moment was when a lady took a fall, sliding along sitting on her butt – leaving a big old wet streak behind her the whole way!  Clearly, somebody should have taken a pee break before the round started.

Holiday TV was so good too – Mr. Magoo’s Christmas is still a favorite of mine; Peter Pan at Easter (no, I have no idea why they showed it at Easter – although, we did resurrect Tink with our clapping each year); and of course, Wizard of Oz at Halloween.

I remember watching the first episode of Three’s Company with her.  All she had to say was, “Who thinks of these things?”

We really never had any “had to see” shows; it was often just background noise.  I’d read and she’d hook her rugs, and it was nice just hanging out together.

It was such a peaceful, pleasant time in my life.  Full of laughing and love.

As Edith and Archie sang, those were the days.


Wow.  Just wow.


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