Recently, my sister Linda and I were talking and she mentioned that she was so excited because Netflix has The Haunting of Hill House.

I asked her if she was sure it wasn’t the TV series and not the movie (which, incidentally was named The Haunting, with Julie Harris); and she realized it was the series.

I strongly urged her to watch the series because not only will it scare the pee right out of you, it pays homage to the original material in such a clever way.

Then we discussed our history with The Haunting (with Julie Harris – I understand there’s another version out there, but I’ve never seen it).

We first saw The Haunting in a trailer, on a tiny portable TV in the middle of the night in a campground in Quebec – surrounded by French speaking people.

Our family was there for the World’s Fair (The 1967 International and Universal Exposition – or Expo 67), Linda was 18 and I was 13.

Our folks had left us in the trailer in the company of our baby brother, Chick, who was 2 years old, so they could enjoy the Fair without children for one night.

So we start watching The Haunting, and it was scary AF.

Linda wanted to go out to the showers for the campground and I was like, hell no, you’re not leaving me here alone.  I made her take a shower in the trailer (something we never did).

And the terror of that film has stayed with both of us for all these years.

That’s a good movie!

It’s also a great book (by Shirley Jackson, one of my favorite authors).

I suggest you read the book, see The Haunting, and then watch The Haunting of Hill House.

And be prepared to have the pee scared right out of you!

haunting 3

The scary trifecta!

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