If you have FaceBook friends who are also theater folks, you may notice that when you post something in the wee hours of the night – it’s those theater folks who are responding.

I think most theater people are naturally night owls.

I don’t know how you could survive doing theater if you are not someone who is more energized at night.

When most people are ready to wind down from their day, theater folks are starting to rev their engines.

And then after a show (or after rehearsal), you are usually so wound up that going to bed is unthinkable.

This is one reason, you find theater folks in bars late at night or 24-hour diners, or anywhere you can gather and socialize while the rest of the world is safely tucked into their respective beds.

This was also one reason why I really liked performing with Bottom’s Up.

The casino life goes 24/7 and you can always find something to do, even when you’re doing a late show and finishing up around midnight.

On the downside, as I got older (and somewhat wiser), I realized I could not go out and party hearty and then be in top shape to perform the next night.

That’s when performing starts to become a bit lonely.

You are up and awake, while everyone else is sleeping.

Drinking dries out your vocal cords, plus you lose inhibitions and start talking too much and/or too loud, or if you are singing, you tend to over sing because you can’t feel the damage to the cords.

You can’t go wander around – the cold air is not good for your cords, and in some places, it’s just plain dangerous.

With Bottom’s Up – it’s prime time for slots or video poker, though.

But mostly, you end up going home, and watching a ton of late-night TV (thank God for cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) or messing around on FaceBook – which is when you can see who else is up way too late!

And woe to the theater person who also has a “regular” job, because then you can’t sleep-in.

And yet, I find, even though I’ve been dragging my fat old lady ass through the day, come 8 p.m., if I have a show to do, the adrenaline kicks in, and I am ready to go!

Yup, theater folks are just kind of weird like that.


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