Just been working on the news roundup for the NAAFA Newsletter (if you don’t subscribe, you should – and it’s free); and it just seems like the same old, same old.

There were a couple of recent articles on the damage caused by fat phobia / fat stigma.

Scientists are (finally) starting to look at the damage society does to the mental and physical health of fat people just by hating us so much.

Not exactly news for most fatties.

But of particular note was the danger babies and children are subjected to due these fat-hating attitudes.

Fat Phobia has life and death consequences

It seems to be literally true that some people would rather have a dead baby than have a fat baby.

Maybe, they don’t think that consciously, but these people literally starve their babies out of the fear that the baby is (or might become) too fat.

How crazy is that?

And why would people do something so horrific and so horrifically stupid?

Because these people are told by society as a whole, and healthcare professionals specifically, that there is nothing worse in the world than being fat.

Being fat is the cause of all of the woes in the world.

Being fat is the cause of all of the woes to be suffered by an individual.

People think that spouting fat hatred is some kind of “tough love” for fat people.

Well take your tough love and shove it.

You aren’t helping anyone (nor do I truly believe that is your intent) and you are hurting people – directly and indirectly.

Because you never know who is listening and who is using your “tough love” as an excuse to feed their own biases and prejudices and phobias.

Maybe your “tough love” is aimed at an adult, but someone else may hear it and use it as a basis for how they treat their baby or child.

When you say hateful things, you don’t know who the victim of your hate is going to be.

So just stop it.

You want to talk about fat and fat people?

Go read the actual research.

Educate yourself on the real issues and the actual facts.

Or shut the fuck up.

You’re not hurting me.  I can take it.

You’re hurting the defenseless and innocent.


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