I grew up in Michigan; but have now lived longer in California – first Southern Cali and now Northern.

Northern California has a bit more sense of the seasons than SoCal, but not much.

At first, I was in love with SoCal – always nice weather and if you want, you can go visit the snow.

But then I learned about the hot, hot summers and the Santa Anas, and the sameness of every day.

NoCal is a bit more temperate, but the summers have been getting increasingly hot.

And then there’s constantly dealing with the threat of or the existence of drought.

So I miss the changing seasons.

I miss the actual seasons of Michigan.

Yes, summer is hot and muggy (feeling like you are trying to breathe through a wet hanky); but it’s your one chance to warm those old bones during the year; and then a thunder storm blows through and the humidity goes down and everything is sparkling clean again.

Fall is exquisite.  Beautiful fall colors; crisp cool mornings and evenings, with sunny warmish afternoons.  Ahhhh.

Winter.  Who knew I could miss the feeling of my nostrils freezing shut?  And there is nothing sweeter than being out and about late at night when the snow filled clouds are low and glowing.  It’s kind of magical feeling.

And my favorite – Spring.  Muddy and messy; but all those growing things smell so good.  The world just seems a happier place.

People here think I have lost my mind when I talk about retiring to Michigan.  All they can think about is “winter”.

As I have said before, my plan for dealing with winter is simple.  I will stay at home and bake cookies.


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