I went to John Glenn High School.

My sister, Linda, was in the first graduating class of JGHS.

The kids were from Bangor Township.  Suburbia/rural.

Not that the City of Bay City was all that metropolitan.

As a brand-new school, we had a bit of a reputation.

Mostly young teachers.

With all those wild new ideas about teaching in the not-so-hallowed halls of JGHS.

I liked JGHS.

I liked the school.  I liked the people who went there.  I liked the teachers who taught me.

I was not an avid fan of the sports teams.

I had to attend home football and basketball games – being a member of both the marching band and the pep band.

I liked basketball more than football.

For one thing – it was warmer – we were inside.

Football in Michigan is a chilly sport to say the least.

We had an “open” campus.

That meant, the students could leave the campus for lunch.


Wild times.

There was a lot of cross-overs in cliques.

Maybe because we were a pretty small school.

When you don’t have a lot of kids you are hard put to populate all of those high school cliques.

In front of our high school principal’s office was a painting of our namesake, good ol’ John Glenn himself.

Some of us would pass by the painting and genuflect – singing a little ditty we made up:

You better genuflect when you walk by, or John Glenn will spit right in your eye.

Our principal did not approve.

He would come out and tell us to stop that and move along.

But I think he realized that if that was the worst he had to deal with as principal of a high school, he didn’t have much to complain about.

I have to say, I still find it amazing that I passed my high school years, as a fat girl, with so little drama and trauma at school.

I was seldom teased or picked on.  And if I was, I pretty much gave as well (or better) as they could dish out.

I know some people hate their high school years.  Others, want desperately to go back there.

I really liked high school; but I don’t want to relive it either.

I’m just really glad I have some very fond memories of those days.

Thank you to all of you that helped make my high school days full of those fond memories.


2 thoughts on “THIS FAT OLD LADY’S TBT – JGHS

  1. You made MY high school time so much more fun, Terri. remember the time we put on your pay for the teachers and so many of them actually came? It was hilarious. You and I laughed so much I had to chang my pants. Thank you for being there with me and for me. You were and are just a fantastic lady. Hugs!

    • OMG that play was so terrible! But it made us laugh! Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad that you were (and are) a part of my life. Can’t wait until I retire to Bay City so we can start up with the high jinks all over again!

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