I love See’s Candy.

I think it may be the best chocolates available.

Like most people who have had See’s Candy, I have my favorites.

Most extra-specially I LOVE the butterscotch squares.  It’s just basically brown sugar soaked in butter and dipped in chocolate.

Anyhow, I figure, if I’m going to get See’s I should get a custom mix – so I can have the ones I like and eschew the one’s that I am so-so about.

So during the holidays, when I am sending See’s to folks who are not so fortunate as to live in the land of See’s Candy, I order a custom box for us.

(Okay, mostly for me, but I get some kinds that Bill likes too.)

This year, everybody, hither and yon, were receiving their candy!

Yay for them.

But ours had yet to show up!


We live in the “neighborhood”, so’s to speak.

I go on the website, and it said I would get the candy by the end of the next day.

Okay.  I’m a grown-up (mostly), I can wait.

Next day comes and goes.

No See’s.


I go to the website – now our delivery date is pushed out to the end of the next day.

Okay.  I’m not feeling quite so grown-up, but I can still wait.

This goes on for a few days.

I have left grown-up behind and now in full sulky pouty mode.

Then I go to the website – and it claims, our chocolate had been delivered two days ago!

WT serious F?

Somebody has some serious explaining to do.

First off, the day they claimed delivery was made, we were home.

We were home all fucking day.

If someone had knocked or rang the doorbell to make a delivery, we would have heard it.

Even if they just left it on the front stoop – we still would probably have heard it.

I send a (shall we say, somewhat testy) e-mail to See’s.

Basically, I call them liar-liars pants on fire and where is my FUCKING Candy?

I must hand it to them, though.

See’s e-mailed me and said the candy would be resent (at no cost to me, thank you very much) by UPS.

And it arrived on the date promised.

But still.

Come on, See’s get your delivery system in shape.

And if you’re going to lie about delivering something as precious as MY FUCKING CANDY, at least do a good job of it.


Just a little bite of heaven!

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