I have a saying when I see someone do something particularly stupid and dangerous –

You are going to end up as a sad, sad story in the Merc.

The “Merc” is our local newspaper, The Mercury News, (yes, thankfully, we still have one – although it has been downsized a lot) and the Local News section is often full of stories about people who did stupid and dangerous things.

And, I guess, we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Usually, I don’t.

I’m not glad someone got injured or killed.

But WTF did they think would happen?

Jay walking at night on a busy street.

Sad, sad story in the Merc.

Falling off of something you had no business climbing in the first place.

Sad, sad story in the Merc.

Driving drunk or dangerously fast.

Sad, sad story in the Merc.

Riding your bike on the sidewalk or in the wrong direction on the street

You get the idea.

I do feel very bad for anyone who is sucked up into the mess because of the stupidity of someone else.

Not fair, y’all.

And if your intent was to get yourself killed – there are ways to accomplish this without involving, injuring and/or killing an innocent bystander.

Also, if you want to kill yourself – call a hotline, please.  Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

You will leave behind so many people who would have been so happy to help who are now wondering why.  People want to help. Please, let them.

I guess this all makes me not a very nice person.

But I already knew that and now you do too.

Do the world (or at least me) a favor.

Don’t be a sad, sad story in the Merc.


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