When you don’t’ get a part – or I should say, when I don’t get a part – I tell myself that it’s okay because that means there’s something better coming.

And it usually works out that way.

As those who know me personally, I am not Little Merry Sunshine.

I am not, at heart, an optimist.

That glass is not half-full, and it has lipstick on the rim (and not my color).

So excellent example –

I auditioned for Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

I got the call back.

(Which I believe says you are good enough to play the part – after that there are a million reasons why you don’t actually get the part.)

Beat out by Ruthie Stein.

Ruthie and I often go up against each other.  Sometimes she wins, sometimes I win.

No shame in that, and besides I admit, she was genius at the callbacks.

As the director (Walter) said as we were leaving, “You bitches have been doing this to directors for years, haven’t you?”

Then Tabard announces their auditions for A New Brain.

Many years ago, Sunnyvale was going to do A New Brain and I fell in love with the music.

But Sunnyvale never produced the show, so I never got my shot.

And nobody does A New Brain.

Unfortunately, the auditions are when I am in Minnesota.


So I email the director and ask, can I please, please, please audition on a later date or at the callbacks.

I get a pass to go to callbacks because of the special circumstances.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Remember, it never hurts to ask.)

So I go to callbacks and it goes pretty well – but I did not earn my place at callbacks, so I don’t have a clue if I’m really up for the role.

It took a really long time to cast this show – as it stands we still need the Minister (which is a really good part – any tenors out there want to do a really amazing show?).

In the meantime another group is doing Steel Magnolias.

I don’t usually do plays – I’m a musicals kind of gal, but this is a bucket list show for me.

So I audition.  And I get called back.

When I get called back – I e-mail the New Brain director to let him know, I need to know if I’m still being considered, in case I get the show.

He e-mails back, that, yes, I am still very much in the running.

And I don’t get the show (Steel Magnolias).

(I understand why, because as I’m watching the call backs I can see the stage picture of the cast that the director was putting together.)

Well, shit.

And then … and then ….

I get the role of Mimi (Mother) Schwinn in A New Brain!


So you see, just because you didn’t get one show, there is always something (better) waiting for you.

Just keep trying.

And keep communicating – it never hurts to ask.

Now I have a shit-ton of fabulous music to learn (which kind of scares me spit-less) and a wonderful cast to work with, and a new-to-me director to get to know, and a new-to-me vocal director to get to know.

Life in the theater can be grand.

Tabard Theatre


Note – it’s not a tumor.  (Seriously, it’s an aneurysm.)

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