Has anyone heard of theCurvyCon before?

I sure hadn’t, until I was working on the NAAFA Newsletter Roundup – and it was mentioned in an article talking about NY Fashion Week.

I was intrigued.

I visited their website.

theCurvyCon takes place the same week as NY Fashion Week and provides a safe place for fat people to come and enjoy fashion, and fat-related topics.

theCURVYcon is a three day event that brings plus size Brands, Fashionistas, Shopaholics, Bloggers and YouTubers into one space, to chat curvy, shop curvy and embrace curvy. Come join us as we embrace our curves, do a little shopping, and tackle topics like confidence, fashion and style, health, fitness, dating, body positivity and everything in between!

What is unclear is how inclusive this conference is.

Can super-size fatties find clothing there?

Is it a safe place for super-size fatties?

I ask this because, in my experience, when folks use a term like “curvy” instead of “fat”, they are okay with fat people – as long as they “aren’t that fat”.

I’m definitely THAT fat.

I might be willing to go to theCurvyCon, if I thought it would address my clothing needs, my fitness needs, my health needs, etc.

If they don’t, that’s cool too.

They get to do what they do.

I just want some clarification it is as to what they do and for whom they do it.

I mean, I’m a fat old lady – you might think my interest in style, fashion, etc. are over, or that I wouldn’t be able to relate to the issues of younger fatties.

You’d be wrong.

I still love fashion – especially fashion that fits my fat old lady ass.

And having lived a life in this fat body, I can probably relate to a lot of what younger fat folks are going through.

I might even have some words of wisdom.

You never know.

So, anybody out there know anything about theCurvyCom they’d be willing to share?

Inquiring minds want to know.



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