Side Show is a wonderful musical that is almost never done.

Unlike most musicals, the themes are dark and it does not have a happy ending.

It is the story about the rise to fame of conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton and their personal unhappiness.

It is a story about prejudice.

It is a story about love lost in the face of an intolerant society.

The music is amazing.

I was lucky enough to be in a production of Side Show when TheatreWorks did it.

I was in the ensemble and featured as Dolly Dimple (the fat lady – quelle surprise).

But my favorite moment from the show was from the audition for it.

At TheatreWorks, you first have to participate in their annual general auditions, and then if they want you for a particular show they will contact you and have you come in.

They contacted me for Side Show and asked me to learn the version of Happy Birthday used in the show when the Freaks are singing it to Daisy and Violet.

No problem.

Learned the song.

Went to the audition.

(Sadly, I no longer remember the actual song)

I sang “Happy Birthday to you” and gestured with my left hand.

I sang “Happy Birthday to you” and gestured with my right hand.

And then I stopped the audition.

And said:

“Wait.  They’re not that far apart, are they?”

And …. I got the part.


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