Leo is known as the puke master in our house.

He is a very clean cat.

Not only does he keep himself very clean, he likes to clean Murphy too.

That’s a lot of cat fur and too much cat fur makes any cat a little urpy.

It makes Leo very urpy.

He also gets excited about certain food, decides to just snarf it down with little to no chewing, and shortly thereafter it all comes back up again.

Cat food in/cat food out.

So before I went to bed the other night, I refilled the cats’ dry food bowl.

I refilled it with a new kind of cat food.

Such a bad idea.

I could see Leo was very excited about this food.

He even ignored his regular before bedtime treat in lieu of snarfing this food.

So I get up in the morning – being very leery of what I may find.

He usually likes to barf in the area of the bed (often on the bed too, but not usually when we’re sleeping in it).

Bill didn’t holler when he got up, so he hadn’t stepped in cat puke.


I looked down the hall (another favorite spot) and all clear.

So maybe out in the living room and I could deal with that later.

Meantime, I had to pee.

Really bad.

I flip on the light, head for the toilet, and


Right in front of the toilet – two mounds of big cold smushy cat pukes.

Two mounds of big cold smushy cat pukes, now between my toes.


And I still had to pee really bad.

And the reality was if I tried to clean up Leo puke first, I would also be cleaning up Fat Old Lady Pee from the floor as well.

So I had to walk on my heels, go pee and then see to cleaning up feet and floor (in that order).

In my defense, he has never done that before.

That cat is getting altogether too fiendish in his old age.

cat game


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