Am I a method actor?

Fuck no.

I mostly do musical comedy.

I contend there is no basis in reality in musical comedy.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t try to make my performance “real” on some level.

My very first musical was The Bashful Prince, an original musical by Robert Peeples (? My SEP (Summer Enrichment Program) friends can correct or confirm “Mr. Bob’s” name for me.)

I was cast as the mailman.

I got to sing Happy Birthday.

I also was supposed to be knocked unconscious by a conk on the head.

I spent a lot of time that summer in the gym, on a gym mat practicing going stiff and falling flat on my back.

Adults would, from time to time, enter the gym and ask me (WTF – not said but implied) was I doing?

And I explained I wanted to be able to go down stiff as a board without flinching or trying to soften the fall; and so, I needed to practice.  A lot.

And I did – practice – a lot.

Nobody suggested this to me.

It just made sense.

And ever since, if there is something in a role that feels unnatural to me, I work very hard to make it become natural to me, because I know that if I can believe it is normal for my character, the audience will believe it (or at least accept it) as well.


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