Back in my high school days (lo these many many years ago), in summer we had something called the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP).

SEP was kind of summer school – but made fun.

For someone like me, who loved school, it was a little piece of heaven.

I also loved it because they did two musicals – one for the “little” kids and one for the “big” kids.

I did my first ever musical with SEP – The Bashful Prince.

I played the mailman.


Fast forward, and the big kid show was Hello Dolly.

I really wanted the lead.

I mean, the lead role wasn’t a soprano!

Holy crap!

They had auditions.

The day they were posting the results, my Mom drove me to the school.

We pulled up to the front of the school, and:

Pretty much everyone involved with SEP was at the doors, and lining the halls to where the cast list was posted; and

When I walked in, they all started singing Hello Dolly.

It still makes me tear up to think of it.

If I ever feel that I have not been loved, all I have to do is remember that moment.

And yes, (in case you didn’t figure it out – (I mean, c’mon?)), I got the part.

And here is a photo from the first time I played Dolly, and a photo from the most recent time I played Dolly.

(I won’t say it was my last time to play Dolly because, hey, I’m not dead yet!)

I don’t know if my performance improved, but cameras sure did!



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