We are going to be flying to Las Vegas this summer.

As usual, we make our travel plans well in advance.

This includes our flight reservations.

Usually we fly American Airlines, but for reasons that I cannot fathom, American has no direct flights from San Jose to Las Vegas (WTF American?).

So, we decided to fly with Delta because they did have direct flights.

Booked the flights.

Even booked first class because (a) Delta tends to have better prices for first class than most airlines; and (b) (because of (a)) it is cheaper to buy 2 first class tickets than 3 economy tickets which would be necessary because my fat old lady ass will fit in one first class seat, but needs two economy seats.

So all set.

Time goes by.

Then my husband mentions, he got an e-mail from Delta that our flights had changed.

I didn’t get an e-mail and I’m the one who bought the f*cking tickets!

WTF Delta?

So I go to the website, and sure as shit, we no longer have direct flights (coming or going).  We are going through LAX.

Oh, hell no.

So I call Delta.

I was not happy about having to call either.

I told the customer rep that if I was not flying direct, I would have booked American (where we have lots of miles).

And you know what?  It turns out the customer service rep could not explain why we had been rebooked onto the non-direct flight!  She said their system was doing some strange things.

WT serious F Delta.

So she booked us on direct flights (coming and going) – leaving about 15 minutes later than the original flight.

Nor could she explain why my husband got a notification and I did not.

For f*ck’s sake.

It is 2019.

The airline’s computer should not be inexplicably rebooking people onto weird flights.

The airline’s computer should send notifications to the both of the people flying (especially since I provided both e-mails when I booked the flights).

I shouldn’t have to call the airline to straighten out their mess.

Oh, and the customer service rep assured me that there would be no charge for changing the flights since it was their mistake.

Well, wasn’t that considerate of them?

My husband really likes Delta.

Me?  Not so much.

WTF Delta.


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