Okay, not me, but my credit card has been compromised.


I hate this.  It’s not my first time around this particular block.

For a while, every year, right after Christmas my credit card # would be compromised; and they’d have to send me a new one.  But I’ve had my current card for a couple of years now, and it’s just so aggravating.

(And yes, I know this is not really a problem – it’s more an aggravation.

But my aggravation tolerance level is surprisingly low.

I have to say, kudos to CitiCard’s fraud department for being so on top of this stuff.

Last time it happened, CitiCard picked up on it on the first charge attempt (plane tickets). And Citibank does it again!  First attempt, they declined and e-mailed and texted me, asking if this was my charge.

Thank you CitiCard.

But I was dumb.  When talking with the fraud department, I said they could just mail me a new card.  That’s before they said it would take 5-7 days to get to me.


I’m even luckier that I have fall-back card I can use in the meantime, but I want the new card before any auto-pays come due.

I don’t want to have to replace the old card with my fall-back card, only to have to turn around and replace the fall-back card with the new card.

And then I’ll be dealing with the auto-pays that I will forget about.


Okay, I’m done pissing and moaning, you all can go back to your regularly scheduled lives.


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