And I would, if it wasn’t for the trip hazard.

Do you know what a rat king is?

It’s when a group of rats get together and end up with their tails knotted up and they can’t separate.

(I always thought this was a rat’s nest – but according to Gods of Google and Wizards of Wiki, I am wrong – it’s a rat king.  See?  If nothing else, this blog is educational.)

Whatever you call it, disgusting, right?

Well, that’s what my bras do everything they go into the dryer.

The go in autonomous tit slings.

They come out tied to each other in a gordian knot – made more complicated by hooks finding other bits to hook into.

I do not own cute frothy bits of lace bras.

My bras are old, saggy, and a bit tattered.

Just like my fat old lady boobs.

So if this is a rat king:

rat king

Is this a bra queen?

bra queen

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