So I’m in rehearsal for a production of 1776 (playing Ben Franklin), and the head of the cane I am using has developed an alarming wobble.  In fact, if you pull on the head of the cane, it comes right off.

I checked with our illustrious prop lady (Ruthe) and she assured me that gluing the cane head is perfectly acceptable.

Clearly, Ruthe does not know my history with glue.

Super glue to be exact.

(Because what else am I going to use? God knows I can’t be trusted to learn from my past mistakes.)

So I purchase some single-use superglue from the Dollar Tree.

And during the break tonight, I pulled the head off my cane and superglued the f*ck out of it.

And I did it without gluing myself to any extraneous objects!

I even was able to wrap up the open superglue tube in tissue and throw it out without any bits of tissue or superglue tube stuck to me.

I am beyond thrilled.

Shortly afterwards, the head to the cane started to wobble.

Now, I don’t know if my success was honestly-earned or if it was a defective tube of superglue and therefore, I was never in any danger of gluing myself to things in the first place.


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