For the past few years, I have not done anything at home for Christmas because we go down to Los Angeles and spend time with my sister and her three men (husband and 2 sons).

I swore that this year I would put up my tree.

Hasn’t happened yet.

BUT I have been baking/making Christmas cookies!  And while it is a lot of work and mess, it is putting me in the holiday spirit!

I like this a lot!

When you put up a tree, you get to enjoy it for a few weeks; but then you have to take it down and put it away for another year (or in my case – three years).

Kind of sad.

But with Christmas cookies, when you are done with them, you get to eat Christmas cookies!

Not sad at all.

So far I have made

7-layer cookies, 7-layer cookies

crème de menthe chocolate squares, creme de menthe squares

my mom’s coconut-date balls, date balls

mint-swirl cookies, mint swirl cookies

and meringue surprise cookies! meringue cookie

And while I am totally capable of eating them all myself (given enough time), they are going to a party tomorrow.

And then, maybe I’ll put up the tree – on the other hand, I just found a new recipe for peppermint candy meltaway cookies!

Decisions, decisions.

Happy Holidays y’all.

(And I say Happy Holidays because I am happy and proud to have friends that celebrate many different holidays, and I celebrate with them!)

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