no cap toyota
As I posted before, just before our planned trip to Glacier, Washington, I took my car in for a going over since we would be far from home and it was a long drive there and back.

I had one issue – there was a little rattle in my engine – now and then.

Other than that, car ran fine, never overheated, wasn’t leaking oil.  No problems.

Capitol Toyota took a look at it and came back with, “You need a new engine.  And while we’re at it, you might as well have your clutch replaced. Give us (approximately) $6,000.”  No explanation – just “your motor is broke.”

Since I didn’t want to go car shopping a couple days before our trip, we rented a car.

Now we’re home.

I decided I wanted a second opinion.

I took my car to San Jose Reliable Auto, which my dear husband has been using.

Very nice people.  Got my info and promised to call back shortly.  And they did.

For informational purposes, I also went home and scanned in the paperwork Capitol Toyota gave me, and e-mailed it over to the guys at Reliable Auto.  Looking at that paperwork, there is no real information on it regarding what they thought was wrong with the motor.  Just there’s a rattle, replace the whole motor.  Also, I see they charged me over $100 to change a light bulb in the dash.  The bulb needed replacing – but the price seems a wee excessive.  Anyway…

Just got the call from Reliable Auto –

There is a spring loaded thingamajob that runs a belt in the motor – it has come loose – causing a (are you ready?) rattle.  $234 to fix it and replace the belt.  (And by the way, I had asked Capitol Toyota to check all fluids, hoses and belts.)

My gasket covers are a little loose (causing oil to get on the spark plugs) – $132 to fix that.  (And I had asked Capitol Toyota to check to see about a tune-up; which if they had would have shown the oily spark plugs.)

I need my brakes redone (which I’ll give to Capital Toyota because they mentioned that as well) – a little over $300 to do that.

Needless to say, I have new car repair people and I will immediately stop shopping for a car.

Oh, and –

Fuck Capitol Toyota.  Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them.

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