Like many, I am horrified by what has happened in Paris.

I am not horrified because it is a Western nation.

I am not horrified because many of the victims were white.

I am not horrified because it is a “first-world” nation.

I am horrified because it is a sad and terrible event.

I don’t know what the racial mixture of the victims is; nor do I care.  And shame on you, if that makes a difference to you.

I do not seek out these stories.  I am only vaguely aware of the many horrifying events that occur in Middle Eastern countries.  When those stories are brought to my attention, I care.

I don’t care where or who is a victim of terrorists.  It is not acceptable for anyone to suffer like this.  The victims are everyone touched by these acts – and that means all of us.  We are all hurt by these acts.

But please don’t tell people who to care about or how to care.

There is not a scarcity of caring.

Your caring is not better or worse than mine.  It is simply yours.

All caring is valid.

It is not your job to tell people that they can’t care about Paris unless they also care about Beirut.

It is not your job to tell people who care about Beirut that they only saying they care because of Paris.

There is enough caring for everybody.

And unfortunately, there is more than enough pain and heartache in this sad old world that deserves our thoughts, hopes and/or prayers.


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