Okay.  I would like some help here and I have a suggestion.

First, it is not anybody’s job to provide me with an explanation – I understand that having to explain to others about your position can be a burden.  So while I would like an explanation and/or discussion; I am certainly not demanding it.  If someone has the time and desire, I would appreciate it, however.  I truly want to understand this, and I am very sad that I don’t seem to be getting it.

I understand that our world view is manipulated by the media; and that media is most often “biased by racism, classism, and the legacies of colonialism” (Marilyn Wann).

I do not understand how this is the fault of the victims of terrorism (or other tragedy) that are brought to the attention of the world, and why the media’s poor performance and questionable ethics should reduce our feeling of empathy and sympathy for the victims.

I also do not understand why because you care about one event and the victims, people assume that you do not care about other events and victims.

I also would like to suggest that in this day of the internet and social media, that we no longer need to rely upon the (regular) media for our news.  Tragedies and atrocities that are not reported or under-reported by the regular media, can and should be reported through social media.

I admit, I am not volunteering for this job.  I can just barely deal with the heartache that I hear about now.  I will not seek it out.  This is an act of self-preservation on my part.

Nor am I demanding that someone else undertake that which I am not willing to do.

But I would greatly appreciate it if other people on social media would undertake this sort of thing if they are so moved.  There is certainly a place and a need for it.

Thoughts?  Help?

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