I’ve had a few comments on GoodReads and FaceBook about how many books I read.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • I’m reading when I should be doing other things (like house cleaning);
  • I read pretty fast;
  • I have a shitty computer; and
  • Google sucks

I keep my Kindle handy while I am on the computer.  This makes it possible for me to sit through all the lock-ups, computer self-diddling, and other slow downs that my computer goes through while I’m trying to accomplish anything.

Without my Kindle, I know (from personal experience) that I will start hitting buttons, clicking on icons, and otherwise confusing my already confused computer system with additional commands that will serve to only fuck things up even more seriously.

Instead, I sit back, open my Kindle and start reading; thus giving my sorry-ass computer a chance to straighten itself out and fly right.

Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes my computer is just hopelessly fucked and my only resort is to shut down programs, or even reboot.

And you know what that means –

I can do some more reading while the programs shut down and restart, while the computer shuts down and reboots.

This has made my life a lot less stressful and allows me to get through a shit-ton of books.

Do I wish I had a better computer?


Do I wish Google didn’t tie itself up in knots every time I try to do a couple things at once?


But for now, this is my life, and I while I absolutely hate that old saying about lemons and lemonade – in this instance, I think I may have to surrender and drink some of that good ol’ lemonade.

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