angry computer

What happened to Google Maps?

It used to be wonderful.  Easy to use.  Great results.  You could get the information you needed with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Did somebody let Microsoft loose on this program?

We are going to be taking a trip.  We will be driving.

Actually, I will be driving.

I am the driver in the family.

It’s not that my husband doesn’t drive or can’t drive.  He does and he can.  I just like to drive; so when we go somewhere, I am usually the one behind the wheel.  (And my husband is the one in the next seat, holding on for dear life and pushing that invisible brake pedal.  Ha, ha, I kid – sort of.)

Anyhow, I go to Google Maps to map our trip, and make stop-over reservations.

I thought you could add destinations while you are using Google Maps.  Maybe you can, but I sure couldn’t figure out how.  And if you can’t – well, that sucks.

So I had to go into Google Maps, map the whole trip from home to destination – then figure out about where we would stop; open Google Maps in another window and go to the town we would stop in and look at what is nearby in the way of hotels/motels.  (Then I go to Yelp to check out reviews – and that’s a whole other blog bitch and moan.)

Then I go back to the original Google Maps window I have open, which has locked up.

Close it down.

Reopen it.

Enter route from home to the first stop-over.  Print it.

Clear the search.

IF Google Maps hasn’t locked up again (which it probably has – so close it down, reopen it), enter the address of the stop-over to our (ultimate) destination.  Print it.

And now to map the trip back.

Repeat (including all the lock-ups, closing down, and reopening the program).

Maybe the problem is that I’m trying to use the program on my desktop, rather than on a cell phone – like everyone else in the world.

Oh, and the really stupid thing is – we don’t really use the maps.  My husband has a snazzy iPhone that we use for the directions to get where we’re going.

But better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

One thing is for sure, I need to get away after dealing with Google Maps.

(And, it is still better than Yahoo Maps.)


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