Even though I am on the “do-not-call” list, I still get a butt load of telemarketer calls.

Lately, the big one is people calling to say they are a general contractor and asking if I am planning to do any work on my home.  I just say, “No.  Thank you.  Good bye,” and hang-up.  I know I should be pointing out to these folks that there is a do-not-call list, and I am, in fact, on it; but I don’t want to engage with these people.  (By the way, DO NOT hire any of these people, it is unlikely they are calling from a reputable contractor.)

So, the other day, I’m minding my own damn business when the phone rings.  I pick it up, and it is this older-sounding woman.  She starts to tell me that her name is [and I forget what it was, because I don’t remember the names of people I actually know], and that she is from a construction company – and then she stops, half way through the name of the company (whatever that was – see above).

And then the most amazing thing happens.

I don’t know if she was talking to me, or to someone where she was calling from, or to her God, but, she says:

“I’m sorry.  I just can’t do this.”

And hangs up.

What did I just witness?

My theory is, she realized at that moment that she is an honest woman and what she was participating in was not honest.  At least that’s how she sounded – like she had this mini-epiphany right then and there.  In my imagination, she put down the phone (maybe did a mic drop with the receiver!), grabbed her purse and walked out the door.

I wanted to say to her, “Good for you.”  But she had already hung up.

I know jobs are hard to come by in some areas of this country.  I know that people need to bring home a paycheck for a lot of reasons.  I know how impossible it must be for some people to walk away from a job – any job.  And I really, really hope this lady is okay; but it was kind of reassuring to know there was one woman who was not willing to pick up the phone and lie to the people who answered her call.

Rock on ex-telemarketing lady.

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