cat pee

Ollie went to see the specialist today.  Just a check-up.  He is doing so much better.


The vomiting has stopped and so has the diarrhea!  Happy to say, my life no longer revolves around cat poop.

Ollie received his second shot (by me) last week (and got another today at the vets).

Ollie eats like a pig.  He is going through three 5.6 oz cans of his special (read expensive) cat food each day.  The vet visit confirmed he has put on about ¼ of a pound in the last few weeks.

And even though I give Ollie shots and medicine (hid in butter), he continues to be a very snuggly, drooly cat.

So back to this morning.  Ollie’s appointment was not until 10 a.m.  I didn’t think it was right to get up early and catch him at breakfast and make him sit in a carrier for 3 hours; so I decided I would simply catch him before his appointment, as he usually wanders out sometime mid-morning to check his food options.

What was I thinking?

In preparation, I closed the closet door in the bedroom as well as the bathroom door.  I figure if we can get Ollie into the bedroom, he’s ours.  We now have a pedestal bed and he can’t go under the bed.

I check my closet – no cat.  I look behind the futon in my “woman cave” (as my DH calls it), where Ollie usually hides out.  No cat.  I’m not in the mood to get down on the floor to double-check, so I try moving the other end of the futon.  Out comes a gray fluffy flash, and luckily he’s headed for the bedroom.  Once he’s in the bedroom, it’s all over but the shouting – only Ollie doesn’t know that yet.  He gets on the bed and DH and I are on either side of the bed.  He makes a break for the end of the bed and I grab the little sucker – and that’s when the fun really begins.

You know how baby boys like to let loose on whoever is changing the diaper?  Well, Ollie did that to us – lets loose a bounteous stream of cat urine on the sheets, on the floor, on himself – luckily not on us.

So there we were trying to force an angry peeing cat into the carrier.

As usual, bigger wins.

As usual, Ollie scored a few hits of his own.

I truly hope, for a number of reasons, that this is his last trip to the vets for a good long time.

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