torchwood hands

Torchwood – Don’t look at our hands!

I have already posted that I like the BBC show Torchwood, possibly because it is so absurd, but I do have a question for the cast:

WTF is up with the dirty fingernails?

Any time there is a close up on a cast member’s hands the fingernails are always dirty.

dirty nails

Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit; but I’m telling you in most closeups that include the hands there is always some grunge under the nails.

I know they are supposed to be (heavy on the “supposed to be”) busy crime fighters and I know your headquarters are basically in a sewer, but how about during the wedding?  Am I supposed that the bride-to-be has not bothered to clean her fingernails?

And how about the doctor?  Ewwww.

Is this supposed to give an air of verisimilitude to an already absurd show?

Are the British simply tired of all of the jokes about their teeth, and hope to distract us with disgusting fingernail hygiene?

Just stuff I think about.

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