TLW Easter kidNewsflash – fat children existed in the 1960s.

I just hate to be disappointed by one of my heroes.

I recently found out that an artist whom I really admired was FaceBook friends with one of my friends. I sent the artist a friend request (with an explanation that she didn’t know me but I was a long time fan of her art). I was thrilled when my friend request was accepted.

Today the artist posted a picture of “our Cold Springs Elementary School carpool, I’m guessing early 1960’s in Santa Barbara, CA.

That was cool.

What came next was not cool – at all.

“Notice the complete lack of childhood obesity going on here– I don’t even think we could have fit all nine kids into one car if that were the case!”

Excuse me? Seriously?

Gee, no fatties in your life – or at least not in your car pool; thank goodness.

Well smell you!

I posted the following comment:

Um. I was born in 1954 and I have been fat my entire life. Just because you didn’t ride with any fatties, we did exist.

And then I unfriended her.


  1. I am so sorry that she turned out to be a fatphobic jackass, Terri. it is scary how much otherwise decent people are so blind, so easily brainwashed, to swallow all the bullshit the media & the culture feed us about fat. Oh, yeah, it’s new thing! My sister was born in 1934 & was always fat, I was born in 1949 & have been, with the exceptions of a couple brief periods, fat my whole life. Our mother was born in 1914, weighed 10 pounds at birth, 32 at one year. HER mother was born in 1888, always fat..& liked herself that way! There have ALWAYS been fat people, there always will be fat people. Depending on how our world goes, we may indeed be the last ones left standing. Get our yourselves, people, we are not a new invention & we are not going anywhere!

    BTW, my sister is only not with us because she smoked three packs daily & had to wait until she was dying of lung cancer to find a doctor who told her being fat was a GOOD thing & that she gained about 5 years of life because of it. My mother died at 85, her mother at 90. I will 66 next Sunday. I am tired of hearing that our fat is evil & is killing us.

  2. I am glad you are still with us! Let’s hear it for old fatties as well! And I am soooo tired of hearing about death fat!

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