sas jpg(Basically, this haircut, only red instead of blond)

In April, I got my hair cut into a smart bob. Prior to that I had let it grow to the wad it up and pin it on top of your head length. And I haven’t had a haircut since April.

As I have bitched before, this summer has been too darn hot (hmmm, someone should put that to music).

And the longer hair was so annoying and hot and ARGH!!!

So I got it all cut off.

Yup. I’m back to my boy-cut kind of ‘do, and I am loving it.


No hair on the back of my sweaty neck, no to-tight pony tails, no getting up looking like a stand-in for Medusa.

It’s so short.

I have had my hair very short before; but I think this is the first time I’ve had it short while I’m a redhead. I like it pretty well. Of course, since I’m trying to work back to my natural (gray/white) hair color, when the roots start showing, I’ve been dying my hair with light red dye. So now, I have hair like a flame tip Persian cat (cream or white underneath with just the tips red).

I’m so excited. I even bought some new hair gel so I can spike again.

Yup, that’s me. Just a cool happenin’ fat old lady!

What I am not is cool and happenin’ enough to figure out how to send the pic of me from my phone to my e-mail!  It just keeps saying it’s “waiting” – possibly for Godot.



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