coffeeOr at least, they saved my face!

It’s morning, I have had a sip of coffee, but (obviously) not enough caffeine to get the morning dust bunnies out of my head. I lean over to pick up my sweater from the kitchen chair – and WHAM …. I jam my face (more particularly my left eye) into the corner of the back of the chair!

Thank the Gods for eye-glasses! Eye-glasses with plastic, not so easy to break lenses!

So instead of getting (at least) a black eye or (at worst) losing an eye (because then it is no longer fun and games, you know); I just had my glasses jammed a bit uncomfortably against my face.

You know, of course, that caffeine is a drug.

And many drugs warn you not to operate heavy machinery when under the effects of the drug.

Well, I need a warning about not tangling with sweaters on chairs until I have ingested enough caffeine to safely deal with said sweater.

Lesson learned.

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