That’s something my (maternal) grandma used to say – “You need to get out and blow the stink off of you.”  And the older I get, the wiser those words become to me.

Dear friends had a party, and for once, busy schedules cleared, stars aligned, etc. and we were able to attend!

And a good time was had by all.

You can tell a lot about the couple who threw the party by the diverse group of people who were in attendance (including, of course, me and my hubby, who we all know are reasonably amazing (and amusing) ourselves).

Usually when I go to a party, I sit with the folks I know, chat with them, and have a good time – I’m not much of a mingler; but the people at this party were so interesting and friendly. I got to catch up with old friends, and not-so-old friends, and people who are totally new to my life!

So thank you again to our host and hostess for sharing their lovely home, sharing their wonderful hospitality, and sharing their great diverse group of wonderful friends!

It was a big hug of a party, and I love big hugs!

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