irene image

You may well ask. Especially since I’ve been absent for a month.

Well, the appropriate answer is of course “here” (get it, up to here – I crack myself up – now back to reality).

I’ve mostly been here with no excuse for not writing blog posts.

However, I did get my fat old lady butt cast in a show; and we (being me and my fat old lady butt) are in rehearsal.

I will be playing the role of Geraldine O’Dare in the musical Irene.

I know many of you will, at this moment, be thinking … “Huh?”

Irene is not a well-known musical, but it is charming. If you give a fuck, here is the Wikipedia page where you can learn more than you ever wanted to know about the musical Irene.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irene_%28musical%29

There are two really big plusses to doing this show (and I’m not (just) talking about my bosoms). First, the director is someone I’ve wanted to work with in a directorial capacity (we’ve been in a show together) for some time; and second, one of the funniest people in Bay Area theater is also in it, and when you put the two of us together hilarity is sure to ensue.

And that’s what’s keeping me out of the bars at night.

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